20 years training at BVS

Training of young talents provides for new blood in the company
The training of young talents has been a tradition at BVS Blechtechnik for over 20 years. In autumn 1999, the first two trainees started their professional life as construction mechanics and are still involved in production today as team leaders and machine operators. In the last two decades, a total of 54 young construction mechanics or metalworkers and a specialist for warehouse logistics have received their sound training at BVS in sheet metal processing.

“With this training, we are securing our own junior staff,” explains Silvia Steiner, shareholder and personnel manager at BVS. Training has been taking place since 1999, and about three trainees are hired per year. As a matter of principle, the company tries to fill vacancies with its own trained specialists. At the moment 14 former apprentices are working at BVS Blechtechnik. Markus Secci, training manager and team leader for quality management, reports: “After 20 years as training manager, I am impressed by the development of our former trainees. From the “little schoolboy” to technician, master craftsman or business administrator. And: a large number of former apprentices work in our design department, in technical customer consulting, in quality management and in production. It is particularly gratifying that the first two apprentices have remained loyal to BVS: one is a jumper in production and masters all the machines, the other former apprentice is now team leader in the riveting/assembly department.

The training content at BVS is as extensive as the manufacturing variations in sheet metal processing: design with the aid of CAD programs, programming and operation of CNC punching/laser machines and press brakes, assembly of components, independent production of workpieces. After all, the aim is to produce components on thin sheet metal for a wide range of industries. Sebastian, one of the currently nine trainees says of his training: “I learn something new here every day. And I think it’s great to see where the sheet metal parts and products from BVS are used”. Over the past 20 years, the content of the training and, above all, the tasks in production have adapted to the technical changes in the machines. The ongoing digitalisation and development towards networked production facilitates some work processes and on the other hand requires programming skills and a good understanding of the machine software.

The pleasant interaction between the instructors, trainees and the 165 or so colleagues makes it easier to get to grips with new topics. David, third year apprentice, adds: “I particularly appreciate the collegial and familiar working atmosphere.

Own ideas are expressly desired during the training at BVS. Not only with regard to the workpieces to be produced for the final examination of the 3.5-year training. Every year, the prospective construction mechanics produce creative and practical work for use in the company, such as information walls, outdoor seating sets, supply tables or machine mountings. “Every year, we look forward to receiving applications for the next training start in September. After all, with the young people who are specially trained for our operating processes, we are ensuring that we have the qualified employees of tomorrow,” Silvia Steiner sums up.

Pictures: BVS Blechtechnik GmbH