Amada Ventis 3015 AJ

“The world’s first fiber laser of a new generation” is the official system description of the Amada Ventis 3015 AJ. The management at BVS was already convinced of the performance of the system installed since September when it was presented at the Euroblech 2018. The new fibre laser technology cuts stainless steel, steel and aluminium in a cutting quality similar to a CO² laser while at the same time using less energy.

The laser cutting division has been enriched by the world’s first delivered fiber laser system Amada Ventis 3015 AJ. “We constantly invested in the renewal of our machine park. This allows our customers to benefit from efficient production processes,” confirms Harald Steiner. The novel “Locus Beam Control Technology” of this machine uses variably adjustable laser beam patterns which are changed according to the type of material and thus achieve a high cutting quality. The Ventis cuts different types of steel or non-ferrous metals with maximum material thicknesses of 25 mm to 8 mm with almost burr-free cutting edges. “The Amada Ventis AJ fits our production requirements perfectly. It enables us to process our wide range of sheet metal parts flexibly. And we can do so very quickly and precisely,” emphasizes Harald Steiner. With conventional fiber lasers, the cutting energy decreases towards the underside of the material and burrs are created. The LBC technology uses the extremely high power intensity in the laser beam for a consistently high-quality cut. Costly reworking is thus largely eliminated.

The 4 kW laser power achieves cutting speeds that were previously only possible on machines with 6 kW or 8 kW systems. The laser module thus also scores points with its resource-saving use of energy and the gas nitrogen. The system is also very user-friendly. The skilled workers program the jobs directly at the machine using the simple control system and can quickly start the work process.

Pictures: BVS Blechtechnik & Amada GmbH