BVS active for sustainability

Environmentally friendly production and employees

In the report of the World Weather Organization (WMO) on global warming, climate researchers warn that it is urgently necessary to set ambitious climate targets now. As a manufacturing company, BVS Blechtechnik has been trying for many years to make an active contribution to the environmentally friendly production of industrial goods with its environmental goals. The switch to the use of green electricity, investments in energy-saving production machinery or incentives for employees to use “job wheels” are some of the approaches to a sustainable commitment, which we have pushed forward in 2019.

The efficient use of energy is a considerable factor for the ecological balance, considering that BVS Blechtechnik has a daily power consumption of approx. 5,500 kW. Since the beginning of 2019, this electricity demand has been covered by renewable resources, mainly by hydropower. The change to renewable power supply was worth a premium to the management and thus higher costs.

With around 50 running machines per production day, energy-saving operation is important. Here, attention is already paid to energy consumption when selecting new plants. The Ventis 3015 AJ fiber laser cutting machine installed in September has a 70% lower power requirement compared to the replaced laser cutting system. In addition, the conversion of the factory lighting to LED lamps resulted in significant savings in the production halls and offices. The powder coating plant and the compressor stations show that escaping thermal energy can be returned to the production cycle.

Already since 2004, the waste heat from these plants has been used completely for heating the bathrooms by means of energy recovery. And during the winter months, these facilities also heat the offices. Of course, the heating system in the building works by switching it off at night, so that the rooms are only heated when necessary. In summer, on the other hand, air conditioning in the buildings is largely made possible by taking advantage of the cold outside temperatures at night. Electric window openings provide the appropriate draught here.

This year we also launched the “BVS mobil!” employee programme, which provides subsidies for the purchase of bicycles or public transport tickets. One or two employees cover around 5,000 km a year by bicycle to get to BVS. This is a considerable amount of avoided CO2 emissions over several years. The next ambitious plans go in the direction of installing a solar energy system. We will continue to examine and implement sustainable measures to preserve an environment worth living in for future generations.

Pictures: BVS Blechtechnik