Foundation BVS Systemtechnik

After a successful year 2016, BVS Blechtechnik in Böblingen is continuing to make progress and secure its success for the future. This means: growing with the customers and increasing capacities. Thus, BVS Blechtechnik GmbH and the Steiner family founded the subsidiary BVS Systemtechnik GmbH in Schwerin at the end of February. In a strategic partnership with the flight seat manufacturer ZIM, the new building of BVS Systemtechnik mainly produces assemblies for their flight seats. In addition to this focus, the new subsidiary in Schwerin is also focusing on prototypes and small series of thin sheet metal products as well as new orders in Northern Germany.

The employment of 20 to 25 new employees is planned for BVS Systemtechnik in the Schwerin industrial park. They will work on a punch-laser combination system, two bending machines and in the assembly area to produce customer-specific sheet metal products. In addition, the processes deburring, grinding, welding and riveting/pressing are covered on a total production and storage area of 3,000 m². Harald Steiner as managing director takes over the fate of BVS Systemtechnik and coordinates the tasks together with a plant manager on site. The ground-breaking ceremony for the new building is scheduled for June 2017, the opening of the plant is already planned for April 2018. Only a few meters away from the BVS Systemtechnik site, ZIM Flugsitz opened a production hall in March. In the future, BVS Systemtechnik will serve the increasing sales of this hall directly in Schwerin with center consoles.

The economic development of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern makes it easier for BVS Systemtechnik to invest around eight million in Schwerin and thus to expand the economic region there. In addition, the advantages of the location, such as the good infrastructure, the proximity to Hamburg and well-trained specialists, convince the decision-makers at BVS Blechtechnik.

“A large number of new projects are pending, which makes us optimistic about the planned project in Schwerin and equally optimistic about the headquarters in Böblingen”, emphasises Harald Steiner. The construction of the new site will give the BVS companies a broader basis for new orders and an increase in the production volume of individual thin sheet metal components. With BVS Systemtechnik as an extended workbench, the BVS Group secures its position in the market, strengthens customer relations and continues the long BVS success story.

In June 2017 the ground-breaking ceremony will take place on the BVS Systemtechnik site.