Punching/ lasering with TruMatic 6000Fiber

Punch laser combination machine with fiber laser for everything
BVS has turned “old” into “new”. After eleven years of operation, a punch-laser combination machine from Trumpf was replaced with a new TruMatic 6000 with fiber laser. The system with solid-state laser enables processing of a wide range of materials, such as non-ferrous metals, stainless steel or galvanized sheet metal. The efficient punch-laser combination machine also contributes to significant energy savings in the production area.

The wide range of uses for cutting complicated contours by laser or for standard contours as well as countersinking and forming, produced by the punching head, was the reason for reacquiring a combination machine. While the old TruMatic was equipped with a CO2 laser, the new TruMatic 6000 now has a fiber laser. “The thin sheet machine with solid-state laser guarantees high efficiency in steel, aluminum or in materials such as copper or brass. It is therefore the ideal system for processing increased orders based on non-ferrous metals,” explains Harald Steiner, Managing Director of BVS Blechtechnik. With cutting speeds of up to 34 m/min, the punch-laser combination machine is highly productive in sheet metal processing.

On top of that, the new TruMatic 6000 Fiber has an excellent energy balance. With the new combination machine from Trumpf, BVS saves around 47% in energy compared to the previous machine. This is an important contribution to the BVS goal of sustainable production.

With the fully automatic connection to the material store, the SheetMaster continuously loads the machine and ensures fast and process-safe loading and unloading. Of course, the ToolMaster, an automatic tool changer, is also one of the clever solutions for fast handling of the many special tools with which the machine is equipped at BVS. And with the punching tools, BVS can do more than just punch: 90° bends up to 90 mm, threads, a variety of forming operations and even lettering are created directly on the machine.

The TruMatic 6000 Fiber was installed at BVS in January and was quickly ready for use after a smooth changeover. Clearly an advantage is that the operators at BVS know the systems and the Wicam programming for the plant and only received a three-day on-site update for new features. The now fourth fiber laser system at BVS Blechtechnik is a true all-rounder for productive punching or laser processing of thin sheets.